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Here are just some things that clients have said about Kenitz Law Office LLC:

"Michael represented me in regards to an impaired driving allegation.  The police believed that I was under the influence of my prescription medication when I was driving.  Michael was able to convince the court that the officers did not have enough cause to arrest me, and the case ended up being dismissed.  I would strongly recommend that anybody who has a need for a lawyer contact Kenitz Law Office to discuss their situation.  I am glad I did."

- Steve K.

"This was my first experience with having to retain an attorney for any legal matter. He made me feel very comfortable during the entire process. He was quick to follow up and respond to any questions I had. I was extremely satisfied with the outcome of my case and would highly recommend Attorney Kenitz for any legal services."

- Candice

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​"I hired Mike as my lawyer after I was injured in a car accident involving an impaired driver. My overall experience with Mike was wonderful. He made both my husband and I feel very well taken care of. The stress was kept to a minimum because he took care of virtually everything and answered every question we had. We never once regretted our decision to hire Mike over a "big name" firm. He was always respectful, personable and honest. We really felt that his decisions and recommendations were based on what was best for us. Through his knowledge, experience and hard work, he was able to get us a $325,000 settlement. I would without a doubt recommend Mike to anyone in need of his legal services!"

- Shannon

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​"When our disabled adult daughter found herself in need of legal advice Mike made time in his busy schedule to help in a very timely manner. He spent all the time needed not only to make sure we understood everything, but also to make sure she understood everything as well. I'm sure we would have found ourselves fumbling around in court without Mike's direction. The judge ruled in our daughters favor I'm not sure that would have happened without Mr. Kenitz' help."

- Lynn

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"There are no word (sic) to describe how awesome this law firm is!!! Mike has gone way beyond the expectation I had expected!! After firing a highly advertised law firm, I hired Mike Kenitz to take may case. He (sic) caring, understanding, and vary loyal to his clients!!   If you are looking for someone that traets (sic) you more as a friend then a client, look no further!!!"

- William

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